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Your Guide To Holiday Jewellery

Your Guide To Holiday Jewellery

“Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear” in the words of fashion icon, Iris Apfel and to the point it is. A neck piece or even a statement ring can easily give any outfit a new dimension.

Being on holiday and having the right travel jewellery to compliment your attire plays a significant role when dressing. A day to relax and unwind accompanied by a couple of nights out or even a wedding or gala cannot be attended without the holiday jewellery

After scouring the internet, I’ve put together a collection of jewellery related items that you will not want to travel without. From shimmering jewellery to the correct storing techniques, this blog covers everything you need to know about jewellery on holiday.

  1. Travel as light as you can when it comes to jewellery.

This is because you’re always in transit. Between airports, hotel lobbies, taxies and even markets, you never know when a pickpocket is lurking ready to snatch your valuables and disappear into thin air.

Contemporary jewellery that boasts a sense of minimalistic charm makes an ideal choice when travelling to new, unknown destinations.

Here are a few of my favourite choices:

holiday jewellery
Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Ring

Eternally fashionable, the classic halo ring is a comfortable choice during your travels. It’s easy design, does not get caught in delicate fabrics and cannot easily be damaged within its setting. A piece like this studded with a 1.78 carat Fancy Intense Yellow diamond ring is a fitting choice for the holidays.

When you’re off holiday, it’s advisable to carry less valuable jewellery. This is because pools, hot tubs and various other adventure sports do not facilitate the well-being of each gemstone. Gems like opals are often damaged in pools because of the chlorine.

holiday jewellery
Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

Here’s another delicate necklace that adds brilliance boasting a feminine design. The heart shaped diamond that weighs 0.70 carats, is what graces any neckline adding the pop of shimmer on holiday. It’s subtle yet sturdy 18K white gold makeup will leave you worry free during transit.

holiday jewellery
Emerald Studded Ring

Holiday is meant for a little colour and with these statement rings, you’ll surely be colouring the town. Featuring a 2.47 carat majestic emerald, set within trillion cut diamonds on either side, this unheated gemstone will surely add a fresh touch to your holiday attire.

holiday jewellery
Morganite and Diamond ring

Exceptionally clear with a subtle yet brilliant pink, this 14.38 carat Morganite will steal the show. Its minimalistic design will capture hearts when paired with an elegant block colour. Visiting a gala or the opera and this ring will sparkle away.

holiday jewellery
Light Weight Gold and Diamond earrings

How about a pair of statement earrings, like this one set with 4.32 carats of white diamonds. A light and durable pair that will work well with any outfit, should be the ones you shortlist from your treasure trove of jewels.

  1. Packing your jewellery.

Jewellery on holiday should only be the essentials. This being said, packing each piece so that they do not scratch or damage the other is of primary importance. Diamonds being the hardest of all minerals can easily scratch gold, silver, and other gems. Packed individually helps maintain the lustre that could effortlessly erode because of all the knocks and bumps.

holiday jewellery
Roll Up Case for Jewellery

This easy to roll up jewellery segregator is a practical choice because of its portable design. One that keeps your jewellery on holiday safe and damage free should be something you invest in before you set foot on another plane.

  1. Easy hacks.

Wine always is a mood booster even on a holiday when you might accidentally lose your earring backs. The tiny little rubbery backs or the skillfully formed metal backs that often slip out of your hand can sometimes never be found again. Resorting to the wine cork for a make shift earring back works like a charm. Cut small but long squares to be able to block your earring from falling off.

Using straws to keep necklaces from tangling is the most efficient method, although pretty inelegant. Passing your necklace through the straw and locking it refrains it from tangling within itself and other jewellery items.

  1. Care and Caution.

Jewellery might not demand sophisticated care but on holiday it’s always good to have an easy care regime. Salty water from the beach or constant washing on holiday might dull the shine on your precious jewels. Washing your jewels in a bowl of warm, light soapy water and an old toothbrush, helps get rid of grime and dirt that might get accumulated in the hard to reach spots. Don’t forget to pat them dry with a soft towel after.

Keeping these points in mind, you won’t have anything to worry about on holiday because each jewel will shine just as brightly as the time you purchased them.





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