Every Gemstone Has a Story to Tell

Tanzanites this December

Global demand for blue stones have always been at a constant high. This gives you December babies the right to buy Tanzanite studded jewellery, one of the official birthstones for the month of December.

Tanzanite Rough

Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa

These rare gems are only found in Tanzania near Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa. Tanzanite’s are known to have a distinct violet-blue body colour and are pleochroic in nature with Brown and Blueish Green colours.

About 95% of all mined Tanzanite’s are sent to India, to the city of Jaipur to be cut and polished after which the stones make their way to America where they are sold in large numbers. Jaipur is one of the major cutting centers for coloured stones and processes most commercial quality gemstones.

On a few of my visits to the magnificent and culturally rich city of Jaipur laden in gemstones I have seen men with their glass boxes filled with glistening rocks sitting on busy roads ready to strike a conversation about the various properties of the gems on sale if not a sale itself.

Tanzanites were used as a substitute to the expensive Blue Sapphire but have now acquired its rightful position in the jewellery industry thanks to its own properties and beauty. 

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