Srilanka, A Gemstone Paradise.

A few kilometers away from India is the tropical island also known as a “gemstone treasure trove“. A country packed with pristine beaches and delicious teas, Srilanka unearths some remarkable gemstones. Spectacular and full of rich color, these gems have often made headlines in royal jewels and statement pieces world over. Through this post, we will cover how Buying Srilankan Yellow Sapphires involves knowing a few of the gems key factors.

From SapphiresRubies, Rainbow Moonstones, and even precious Spinels the list is never-ending. The trend of being limited to the big three is now changing. Yellow Sapphires, Padparadscha Sapphires, Alexandrites and Rubellites amongst others are growing becoming a modern-day favourite.

buying Srilankan Yellow  Sapphires
Gems mined in Srilanka

For a little about the country, mouthwatering delicacies include the famous pancake paired with a spicy chutney called “Hoppers with Sambal”. A dish prepared in numerous ways, I must have tried over 20 variations during my visits.

buying Srilankan Yellow  Sapphires
Hoppers with Sambal
buying Srilankan Yellow  Sapphires
Prawn Sambal 

Buying Srilankan Yellow Sapphires

It was during my very first visit to Srilanka over 6 years ago when I found my first Yellow Sapphire. A gemstone believed to bring wealth and good luck, the Yellow Sapphire truly is a remarkable gem. I remember to this day the sparkle the gemstone presented, as I tilted it to catch the light. The perfect affair between the light and the facets, the gem was perfectly inviting. Eye clean, the gem had a vibrant golden colour, unlike any other, I had then seen.

buying Srilankan Yellow  Sapphires
Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphires owe their golden color to a few factors of which two are Iron and the unstable colour centers. Iron gives the stable colour element whereas colour centers give room for the colour to fade slightly when exposed to white daylight. Scientifically called Tenebrescence or Reverse Photochromism, these gems tend to show off deeper colours when they absorb UV rays. Varieties of the Yellow Sapphire, Padparadscha Sapphire, Amethyst and Maxixe Beryl have shown different levels of colour reduction in daylight.

buying Srilankan Yellow Sapphires
Yellow Sapphire

Although Sapphires that display Reverse Photochromism do not show massive colour differences, they do tend to have a visible effect. Essentially, UV rays activate these color centers at atomic levels that causes the gem to absorb colour (blue colour) from the spectrum resulting in deeper yellow hues.

An interesting fact that needs disclosure, I chose to share this information to help consumers identify Tenebrescence when buying Srilankan Yellow Sapphires. I recall my dealer insisting that I keep my gem in the sun for a while before I actually choose to wear it. Surprised by his statement, I sifted the internet to find answers. After meeting a series of Srilankan Sapphire dealers and reading some in-depth academic journals, I finally found what I was looking for.


Colour stability is becoming a matter of increasing importance when buying gemstones today. Most well-reputed laboratories even carry out tests to see if a gem’s color fades in different lighting conditions. Although best to buy gems with the help of trained gemmologists, if your buying Srilankan Yellow Sapphires, then look out for some of these key pointers.

  • Good, Eye Clean gems
  • Even body colour
  • Although plenty Sapphires are heated, unheated gems can demand higher rates
  • Disclosed Tenebrescence
  • Nice pleasing cut, with no external blemishes