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Red Stones from Aappaluttoq Greenland ?

Red Stones from Aappaluttoq Greenland ?
 Ironic isn’t it, Red Stones unearthed in Greenland. But Aappaluttoq Rubies are just the gems creating a stir across the entire gemstone market.
Let me shed light on what I’m talking about.
During my free time, I like to understand gemstones, their inclusions and all there is to know about these almost perfect rocks. During my research, an article on Rubies and Pink Sapphires of impeccable qualities from Aappaluttoq Greenland caught my eye.
Host rock almost speckled with Corundum
Scarlet Red Rubies and tender Pink Sapphires are taking on a new life in the gemstone market today. Increasing demand from China in connection to luck and fortune has been pushing demand creating customers all over ready to buy good quality natural gems. With a new Ruby and Pink Sapphire deposit producing good Quality, Colour and Quantities of gems, it could only sound like good news for the entire gemstone industry.
True North Gems a company that started their exploration in the summer of 2004 and has been going back every year since for the past decade. Located on the southwest coast of Greenland, south of the capital Nuuk their operations have proved to be successful over the years and will finally bring in some profits, set to start in 2017.
Close up of the natural hexagonal structure of corundum found in the host rock


Aappaluttoq better known as Big Red in the local language is the name of the area where these Corundums are being excavated. It is also the first Arctic Ruby mine that can commercially yield enough gem quality stones.

Properties of the Aappaluttoq Gems

  1. Corundums from the Aappalutoq, Fikenaesset region have higher levels of Chromium and Iron that in turn lead to intense colour.
  2. Mined in Metamorphic conditions, these fiery beauties tend to display and internal glow.
  3. Much like a fingerprint, these Greenland gems have good transparency and intense colour, thanks to these elements.
  4. They also tend to show Kaolinite and Bohmite inclusions that prove they rarely undergo heat treatments.
Aappalutoq Rubies
Rubies and Pink Sapphires after they have been cut and polished


Aappalutoq Rubies
Bold, rich colours of the Greenland Rubies and Pink Sapphires
 A new found source, keep watching my blog for more news on these flaming gems.

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