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Price-Friendly Gems for Engagement Rings

Price-Friendly Gems for Engagement Rings

Everyone thinks a diamond is probably the go-to gemstone to pop the big question but is it a wise choice? This season, make a statement by going down on one knee with an engagement ring that will surely be an eye-catcher. Colour engagement rings are fast becoming a bridal favourite and with good reason. Lighter on the pocket and filled with youthful, sparkling colours these gems are decadent and uber chic.

Choosing an engagement ring is so important when it comes to planning and dividing finances amongst other things. By listing out a selection of price-friendly gems for engagement rings we not only help you make a practical choice but also open your eyes to a myriad of coloured gems that might suit her bold ways. We believe a ring that becomes part of her identity should inevitably match her personality seamlessly.

A lower budget mustn’t always mean you need to find a smaller diamond. Today with colored engagement rings at the forefront of the fashion industry buying her a trendy Spinel engagement ring or even an Opal studded engagement ring might just be what she has always wanted.

Here is a list of gems that make a great choice for an Engagement


Engulfed by the warm salmon, energizing pink hue, Morganite is a durable gemstone fit for an engagement ring. Worn everyday, these gems can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Although easily available in calibrated sizes, a good quality, eye clean gem displaying exceptional colour might be hard to find. A gem that pairs well with yellow golds, rose golds and even cooler toned metals, the lustrous Morganite will sweep her off her feet.

price-friendly gems for engagement rings
Morganite Engagement Ring


From the KuberBox collection, here is a Morganite Infinity Ring with a twist. Symbolising an infinite bond, the pastel-colored gem works melodiously with the diamonds and the yellow gold. Priced at Rupees 13,311 it is an affordable yet stunning ring.


Spinel is another gem that has slowly carved itself a position in the market. As a gem that naturally forms in a range of vibrant colours from lilacs to fiery reds, you will rarely find a spinel that will disappoint you. Filled with character, these strong and long lasting gems have excellent internal light when cut well.

Price-Friendly Gems for Engagement Rings
Spinel Engagement Ring

Set upon a carpet of sparkling diamonds, this Spinel is chosen to radiate a scarlet brilliance and stands out from the Candere Collection. Priced at Rupees 80,438 theres no denying the quality and splendour of this ring.


Birthstone for the month of January, this sturdy chromatic gemstone comes in all the colors of the rainbow. With electric green Tsavorites, noteworthy magenta Rhodolites, and Scarlet coloured garnets this species is truly magical. Available as eye clean gems they are therefore a great choice for a woman who likes a natural, untreated and impeccable gemstone.

price-friendly gems for engagement rings
Red Garnet Engagement Ring

The timeless three stone ring from BlueStone.com is a fiery representation of love. Exploding with irresistible colour, this ring represents the past, present, and the future effortlessly. In addition to that, red garnets are a great substitute for a Ruby. Priced at an unmatched Rupees 12,117, it is the perfect ring to make a commitment.


A gemstone that will dazzle her with its vibrant colours, Tourmaline is a great choice for jewellery. Instead of choosing a smaller diamond, pick a Tourmaline filled with captivating Pinks or even the elegant Chrome Greens. A lovely choice for October Babies, these contemporary gems will represent everything about her.

price-friendly gems for engagement rings
Tourmaline and Opal Engagement Ring

From the Melorra collection here is a lovely three stone ring that brings together two gemstones in perfect harmony. With the lush colors of the Pink Tourmaline paired with the soft colors of the Opal it is a match made in heaven. At Rupees 13,110 this ring is a cost effective choice to seal your deal with a little colour.


Pearls are a forever classic. Adding sophistication and grandeur, when paired with the indestructible diamond they make a pair to last a lifetime. Lustrous and also available in rosy pinks and timeless greys, these organic gems are a great affordable choice to elevate the engagement ring.

price-friendly gems for engagement rings
Pearl Engagement Ring

The simplistic design of this Pearl and Diamond studded engagement ring is from the KuberBox collection. Priced at an affordable Rupees 15,144 this statement ring is great for a fashionista.

By reflecting on her likes and dislikes you will be able pick a ring that will become an extension of her. So whether you’re looking for an elegant ring to floor your partner to be or just browsing through some choices for the future, these price-friendly gems for engagement rings are some great unforgettable choices.

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