Every Gemstone Has a Story to Tell

India’s Treasure Trove : Jaipur

India is known for its rich culture and today it has become a prominent country leading the worlds economy. Tucked in the heart of India is the city of Jaipur, named after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the ruler of Amber in 1727.

Samode Haveli, bringing to life the true spirit of Jaipur

Rambag Palace by Night

Jaipur has always caught my attention as is known to be the gemstone cutting center of the world. Every road you pass you will stumble across a couple of jewellery stores, selling a mix of extravagant and simple jewellery that can go a long way when taken out of that environment.

What’s absolutely beautiful about the city is that you will see gemstones in every corner of the city very literally. Walking along the streets of the famous “Johari Bajar”, every lane branches out to small by lanes oozing with gemstone traders selling semi precious stones, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. Sitting along the sidewalks are men, some even astrologers selling rings, pendants studded with gemstones known to bring good fortune, luck, love etc.

Some others selling basic jewellery made in brass that could look absolutely stunning when paired correctly.

Jaipur should definitely be on your agenda when in India because it only here that you will get to see jewellery that caters to every market, international and national as Jaipur is known to manufacture alot of jewellery for international consumption. 

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