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Indian Jewels – stand the test of time

A nation with rich traditions that vary from state to state has always been in the limelight for its perfect craftsmanship in terms of jewellery.
From the early days India gained popularity for its Diamonds recovered from the Golconda mines, excellent cutting traditions passed over from father to son and of course its legendary jewels.
Jewels during the early years served several purposes from adornment to wealth and prestige. Jewellery studded with gemstones were also worn for protection to ward away evil.

Bhagat, Mumbai studded with Sapphires and Diamonds
Moscow Kremlin Museums has acquired Jewels from different corners of the world celebrating the evolution of design in Indian Jewellery.
The expose has jewellery from sixteenth century with Mughal inspiration.

Part of the Mughal Possession

Turban Crown with Lucknavi workmanship

Enamel, Diamonds and Emerald

Spinel, Diamonds, Pearls set in Platinum

The Museum also displaysmasterpieces from European jewel houses with motifs and designs inspired from India.
Carved Rubies set with Diamond
Art Deco inspired corsage with carved Rubies

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