Finding the Right Ring Size

It must be quite difficult trying to find the right ring size without an actual sizer. With online shopping so accessible, we cannot help but buy clothes, food and even jewellery over the internet making room for error when it comes to sizing. Either the shirt is too large or the shoes are too small or maybe the ring was just much larger than you expected. Sometimes no matter what you do, sizing just seems to be an alien language. It is now time to beat all the confusion that lurks around finding the right ring size.

right ring size
Pink Diamond Halo Ring

After your done reading this post, you will surely have all you need to find your own ring size or maybe even be able to secretly fish out your ‘significant others’ size. Of all the things no one wants to have their most cherished ring dig into their skin or perhaps fall off unexpectedly only to find the ring was one size slightly bigger than your finger. Thus, we have you covered, and will take you step by step to establishing the correct ring size no matter which part of the world you are in. 

Before popping the big question or maybe even just buying yourself a little present here are the few points you should keep in mind when trying to find the right ring size.

  • Using the measuring guide below, try not to measure your fingers right after a workout because our they tend to swell when body temperatures heat up.
  • Thicker Bands have a tighter fit, so if you’re opting for a ring with a nice, thick, bold band, make sure to add a little extra room for your finger.
  • Although we don’t want our rings to fall off, we also want to be able to put them on with ease, and if bigger knuckles are part of who you are, then add a little more room for the ring to easily glide on.
  • Writing orientation tends to result in larger finger proportions. If your lady love is a right-handed woman, be sure to measure her left ring finger and vice versa.
right ring size
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Measuring you Ring Size

Coming down to the actual measuring, there are numerous techniques to measure your finger, of which some popular tried and tested ways are the ones mentioned below.

The Ring Reference Technique :

Taking a ring that fits correctly, place it over the diagram when printed to scale and by matching the edges of the drawing. If rings do not align perfectly and fall in between sizes, pick the larger size. (Download the Full-Size Guide from the link below.)

right ring size
Ring Technique

The String Technique:

Although this requires at least two or three checks to be sure, the string technique is one of the most accessible and easily achievable techniques in the market.

To measure the finger, take a non-stretchy thread, measure the circumference in mm of the finger and convert it to the ring size with the help of the bar table below. (Download the Full-Size Guide from the link below.)

right ring size
String Technique

There’s also the age-old technique of going to your local jeweler to get your finger measured. With their tools and different sizers, this method will always be the most accurate and the jeweler can instantly make changes when required.

right ring size
Ring Sizer

Here is a table that compares the most popular Ring Sizes

Diameter US Japanese Circon
15.0 4 7 47
15.3 4- 8 48
15.6 5 9 49
15.9 5- 10 50
16.2 5= 11 51
16.5 6 12 52
16.8 6- 13 53
17.2 7 14 54
17.5 7- 15 55
17.8 7= 16 56
18.1 8 17 57


Thanks to Asteria Diamonds easy to understand size guide, deriving at your ring size has now become a breeze. Make sure to print the sheet at the right percentage and it should match the

Download the Full-Size Guide Here

If your still unsure of the size, we suggest opting for a larger size, as it always helps when resizing and the ring will at least slip on for the “Big Proposal”.