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Don’t be MisLEAD by Rubies

Just the other day I happened to chance upon Rubies that looked natural although the presence of  gas bubbles in them perplexed me.

Quite shocked by the appearance of these stones I studied these stones a little deeper. With the help of today’s massive online library I was able to determine the exact treatment had been carried out on these Rubies.

Lead Glass Filled Rubies are rubies being treated to improve both the colour and clarity of low quality Corundum’s or Sapphire’s. These natural stones are modified to improve their retail market value.

Some interesting facts about these treated stones were :

  1. The presence of Gas Bubbles in the stones, these stones have trapped gas bubbles that look like doughnuts under magnification. 
  2. The surface of these stones have a crackled effect that can be seen under reflected light. There will be a different luster visible in areas that have been filled with the lead glass.
  3. These rubies have an orangy yellowish to purplish body colour.
  4. Most natural inclusions in these stones are heat treated. This is because in order for the lead glass to flow into the fractures the temperature must be 700 – 900 degrees, resulting in surrounding gem material to heat up causing melted fingerprints, discoid fractures etc.

For More Information on Glass Filled Rubies

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  • I agree; I am just an amateur to gemology, but I enjoy reading about your travels and find the knowledge you share very interesting and helpful. Thank you very much for this blog!

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