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Spectacular Diamonds with a Dash of Colour

Spectacular Diamonds with a Dash of Colour

Gaining a great deal of attention over the past week is the ever-popular Diamond a gem that has fought its way, evolving over the years becoming a near benchmark for brilliance. Thanks to the efforts of Sotheby’s, the auction house that announced the sale of the Pink Star, the world’s most glorious pink gem, coloured diamonds have mysteriously become the only thing I hear or see.

Coloured Diamonds
The Pink Star

The Pink Star, cut as an oval currently weighing 59.60 carats has been cut from a 132.5 carat massive piece of diamond rough. After two years of intense planning, this remarkable gem has been awarded a Fancy Vivid Pink colour and a Flawless clarity grade from the GIA. The highest they have ever issued for a pink diamond of such remarkable size. This brilliant pink coloured diamond almost the size of an eyeball has also been certified to be the purest of all diamonds falling under the ‘Type 2 A’ variety. This means there are absolutely no impurities within the composition of this gem, leaving the colour wholly up to a structural misalignment. Sold for a record-breaking $72 million dollars at the auctions, you will surely have no doubts when you see this rare masterpiece.

Coloured Diamonds
The vibrant Pink Star

Breezing into April, a month dedicated to the Diamond, there’s no reason to give this gem a miss. Through this post, I will break down into simpler terms what a diamond truly means and give you a brief insight on a few other spectacular gems that have carved themselves a spot at the top.

A mixed lot of Diamonds
A mixed lot of Diamonds

Diamond, a gemstone that is renowned for its hardness, is made entirely from the element carbon. Yes, you might not believe it, but these glittery gems are formed from the same element you partially exhale every other minute. Carbon has the ability to bond itself in different ways, one being immensely strong which then transforms into a diamond when placed under great amounts of heat and pressure deep in the earth’s core. With a hardness of 10 and superior durability, diamonds, the invincible gem sells at high prices as excavating them amounts to half the cost.

Ever since their discovery, diamonds have always been used to symbolise wealth, fame, and fortune. History even records empires being overturned because of this precious gem. Kings and Queens wore diamond-embellished jewellery; crowns and commissioned thrones oozing with diamonds that spoke of their riches.

Diamonds and its Properties

Although buying diamonds might make you a little apprehensive, it is not as difficult as you might think. Here are a few points you should know before you set out to buy yourself a gem. Diamonds are graded on the basis of four major aspects being:

Cut – The shape and faceting style a gem has.

Diamonds and diamond cutters have evolved over the years, developing the perfect cut to release maximum light. Today the cut has been engineered to incorporate light and fire giving rise to a spectacular glistening gem. Cut into various shapes like Ovals, Round Brilliant, Hearts, Trillions etc, diamonds can be fashioned into almost anything.

Coloured Diamonds
The Venus Graff, a heart shaped beauty

The Graff Venus is the largest known D colour, Flawless diamond that weighs 118.78 carats. This bright diamond that reflects romantic sentiments took 18 months to be fashioned to perfection, revealing a sparkling heart.

Colour – The overall body colour of the gem

Diamonds in their purest form are actually colourless and these are ones you tend to pay highest amounts of money for because they are the rarest of all much like the Cullinan Diamond. Diamonds also come in a range of colours like Pink, Blues, Yellows and even Reds called Fancy Coloured Diamonds. When other elements get fused into the carbon, during formation of the gem the colour of the diamond tends to change.

  • Yellow comes from the inclusion of trace element Nitrogen
  • Brown comes from the inclusion of trace element Nitrogen
  • Blue comes from the inclusion of trace element Boron
  • Pink comes from a structural misalignment
  • Green comes from radiation

Clarity – the number of internal or external characteristics the gemstone has

Each gem that forms under the surface of the Earth tells an individual tale, almost like a fingerprint. In terms of diamonds, there are a range of characteristics that can tell if a gem has been treated or modified in any way. These characteristics also help determine the band under which a diamond is graded, that in turn affects its price. Coloured diamonds are also graded on the same scale when it comes to clarity.

  • Flawless
  • Internally Flawless
  • Very Very Slightly Included
  • Very Slightly Included
  • Slightly Included
  • Included

These are the bands under which a diamond can fall on the basis of its clarity characteristics.

Carat Weight – the maximum weight that can be retained from the rough

Gemstones have their own system of measurement. Developed from the carob bean, which was consistent each time led to the formation of a Carat. A carat is 1/5 th of a gram and is divided into 100 units called points. As diamonds are a rare resource, cutters tend to save maximum weight from each piece of rough material as long as it can fetch them money. Sometimes gems that are heavily included are sent to other industries that use diamonds for other processes like cutting marble etc.

Coloured Diamonds
Round brilliant cut diamonds

Looking for a Coloured Diamond Delight? 

Buying gemstones either as an investment or as jewellery has always proved to be valuable when supported by a certificate. Buying a gemstone online has almost become second nature to most couples looking to buy engagement rings and even wedding jewellery. With customisation, personalization, and trusted delivery channels, online jewellery stores are a popular choice in the busy schedule of working professionals. Coloured diamonds that add colour and brilliance, are the gems couples are choosing to invest in.

Coloured Diamonds
Brilliant Pink Diamond

That brings to mind the online jewellery and coloured diamond specialist Asteria Diamonds. Headed by a team of diamantaires with over 45 years of experience, Asteria Diamonds has an integrated model that assures you the best deals. With in-house cutting and polishing, their diamonds are sourced directly from the mines and do not undergo any enhancements or treatments so you know exactly where your diamond has been. The company can even show you additional pictures of the jewellery piece you are interested in purchasing so that you get a better understanding of its size and other important aspects like the overall feel of the product.

Coloured Diamonds
Sparkling canary diamonds

Specialising in coloured diamonds, Asteria has an inventory that will leave you speechless. Yellow diamonds like the colour of the sun and pinks that will make you blush, their stones both loose and studded in jewellery are truly remarkable.

Coloured Diamonds
A Yellow Diamond from the Asteria Diamonds collection

Visit their online store today and find a gem that will highlight your skin tone, because, with an inventory like theirs, you will surely find something you LOVE.


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