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Glistening British Treasures – The Cheapside Hoard

Glistening British Treasures – The Cheapside Hoard
Could treasures with unsolved mysteries really exist?
I did not believe it myself until I heard of the Cheapside Hoard.Don’t miss this chance to visit the Museum of London between 11 October 2013 to 27th April 2014 to gaze at these historic treasures.

This “Hoard” very literally comprising of gemstones, jewellery and various artifacts is undeniably the largest collection of Tudor and Jacobean jewellery ever to be found. The tale of some of these jewels date back to the Byzantine era.


For example look at this carved Amethyst, a clear reflection of the craftsmanship of the Byzantine era.

This salamander brooch, bezel set with Colombian Emeralds and Indian Diamonds is also a reflection of the craftsmanship and trends of bygone times.

Emerald Pocket Sundial

What caught my attention from this collection is the Emerald watch. Made entirely from two slabs of natural Emerald with a watch fixture that looks like one of those ancient sun dials is is truly one preserved in history. Through these slices the stone still boasts a good bluish green colour and even though the clarity of this piece might not be the best the stone has stayed intact, lasting the test of time brilliantly.

To take you back in the past to the origins of this collection, it is believed to be discovered by pickaxes in 1912. On a routine job of demolishing, they literally struck gold when they were demolishing a jeweler’s premises taking their loot of Diamonds, Garnets, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphire to a pawn shop for some quick cash. No one seems to know how and when this collection of jewels got there. According to Hazel Forsyth, a curator who has been researching the Cheapside Hoard for years believes the great fire was responsible for reducing everything to nothing other than these finely crafted now world renowned jewels. Forsyth also believes that the entire loot has not been returned to the Museum and has gradually been flung across to different corners of the world.

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