Beware of Todays Blues Sapphire Gemstone

The magnificent Blue Sapphire gemstone is known for its strong symbolism and power. Center stone of the late Princess Diana’s engagement ring, it has been passed down to the Duchess of Cambridge. Now one of the most expensive engagement rings in the world, these gems are creating a stir.

blue sapphire gemstone
Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

Rich cobalt colours with unmatched resilience, sapphires are a screenshot of a beautiful night sky locked in a gem. Becoming a well demanded choice for engagement rings, it takes little knowledge to make the right investment for a lifetime.  Here is how you could pick the right gemstone.

The Right Blue Sapphire Gemstone

  • Colour : Look for Blue Sapphire that appeals to you. Depending on the colour of the gem, the price can fluctuate greatly. Inky blues can sometimes be too dark making them less attractive vs extremely light sky blues that lack any depth of colour. An imperial blue can often sell for high premiums.
  • Clarity : When it comes to internal features, gemstones mostly always have an inclusion or two that also lend a hand when it comes to origin determination. From needles that can add a soft silky appearance, to fingerprints that can tell what the gemstone has been through, each feature is integral for a gemologist. Eye clean gems fetch prices that can easily reach 5 digit values.
blue sapphire gemstone
Blue Sapphire

Spot the Not

Induced with colour and clarity enhancers to achieve better market values, always certify your gemstones before purchase. Heat treatments have become a standard used to bring the gems colors alive but these must always be disclosed at the time of the sale.

Chealsea filters and Magnification are key to quickly identifying if a gemstone is what it claims to be.

blue sapphire gemstone
Cobalt Filled Sapphires

Caring for your Sapphire

Once set in any piece of jewellery, every gemstone must be cared for, and blue sapphire gemstones are no different. A light wash with warm soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush are ideal to clean your sapphire studded jewellery. Being an extremely durable gemstone sapphires are just right for everyday jewellery.