mumbai based gemologist


My Story,

As Mumbai based Gemologist and Jewellery Production Professional, I grew up in a city known for its charm, bursting with color, culture, and creativity. Therefore it isn’t surprising while exploring Mumbai and all it’s many hidden wonders my curiosity drew towards the fascinating world of Diamonds and Coloured Gemstones. At the age of seventeen, my keen eye for detail quickly fell in love with the story each gemstone narrated and that’s where my journey with these timeless rocks began.

Trained with the best at the GIA, Mumbai and the SSEF, Switzerland, I have professionally undertaken assignments to grade diamonds and to color grade and identify gems. Together, with my training and experience and a strong foundation in this niche field I have been able to make key observations on the value and quality of each gemstone.

My passion is undeniable and in order to broaden my horizons, I travel to many countries, visiting jewellery shows, jewellers, and gem traders, picking up some of the best-guarded trade secrets. In addition to shows, I even travel the world in search of nature’s marvellous gems. From Spinels on the busy streets in Myanmar, bargaining with ladies for Beryls in Madagascar, I have even spent hours hunting down the perfect Sapphire in Srilanka and Jade in China. I continue to fuel my deep-rooted interest for these special stones by seeking out precious one-of-a-kind gems around the world.

I now live in Mumbai, a cosmopolitan city and gemstone trading centre, where I carry out grading and identification roles, as well a work with different companies in the development and implementation of detailed quality assurance of gold jewellery.

Through this website “The Gemstone Queen”, I explore gemstones in everyday life, through jewellery, fashion, astrology and everywhere else.

Learn all there is to know about gemstones through my tiny yet inquisitive eyes.